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Adirondack Museum: Corporate Website

Transforming a Relic into an Unforgettable Experience

In its day, the Adirondack Museum — on pristine Blue Mountain Lake — was a rich, cultural gem. For years, lack of awareness, a remote location and neglect had been reducing the museum’s support to a handful of dedicated loyalists. We knew that the 60th anniversary and a $25 million renovation provided the perfect opportunity to create an exciting new identity and change their fortunes. A comprehensive rebrand, including a new name, mark, fresh look and voice, helped create a more accurate and inspiring representation of what it would become — the Adirondack Experience. A promise that would appeal to a new generation of adventurous, experience-seeking Millennials, #ADKX.

A new name and new look helped attract a new audience while honoring its long-time mission of preserving a world treasure.

Celebrating the Past and a Bright Future

The Adirondack region evokes the spirit of adventure. The new Adirondack Experience — which now comprises nine buildings on 171 acres — celebrates that spirit, bringing its past, present and future to life with history, engaging exhibits and activities that appeal to Millennials and long-time supporters alike. The new identity and launch campaign signaled an exciting change — enthusiastically embraced by museum members, curators, staff and volunteers — which helped generate the buzz required to put the "experience" back on the map.

Home page of theadkx.org Home page of theadkx.org Home page of theadkx.org Home page of theadkx.org

A new responsive website serves as one of the most visible examples of the refreshed brand.

New messaging lets people know this is not your typical museum experience.

The new site has been reorganized and streamlined to improve user experience

Mega navigation puts every piece of content within a single click for users.

Our brand refresh Touched every aspect of The Adirondack Experience, not just creating a new look, but inspiring a new sense of pride.
Cool, vibrant, employee t-shirts instantly announced the museum's commitment to the future.



Key brand as friend driver: surprise

Research told us that museums are perceived as old, boring and lacking in adventure, authenticity and surprises — everything the Adirondack Experience provides. By delivering an unexpected brand that promises an engaging and exciting experience, we created a compelling reason for young families and Millennials to visit. One that's driving admissions.

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