Lufthansa Group

Crisis PR strategy lifts an international airline grounded by COVID-19.

Travel & Tourism

Public Relations

During a year of very dark news and a plunging global economy, Mower’s travel and tourism PR team faced the headwinds full on to support Lufthansa Group’s in-house communications team in managing the crisis for its five airlines—Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, Brussels and Eurowings.

Navigating into the unknown.

The COVID-19 pandemic was beginning its spread and travel bans, business disruptions and public health uncertainty had combined to bring international air travel to a standstill. We recognized the need for a nimble and proactive strategy to support Lufthansa Group’s business continuity and customer confidence until the industry was once again cleared for takeoff.

A strategic storytelling approach.

Our team identified four priority themes that targeted both travelers and the trusted travel advisors they turn to for guidance:

Community support, highlighting the active role Lufthansa Group embraced in the pandemic battle: transporting protective gear, operating repatriation flights and releasing medically trained employees with full pay.

Safety education, informing and correcting misinformation about the safety of flying.

Return of operations, highlighting the reopening of gateways between the U.S. and Europe.

Testing as the key to rebound, showcasing Lufthansa Group’s leadership in COVID-19 rapid testing.

Strategic Storytelling

46 thoughtfully orchestrated March – November articles analyzed (from almost 69k brand references in U.S. media)


360M+ organic media impressions, reaching U.S. travelers and travel advisors


$677k advertising equivalency offering

7.8x ROI (from this small sample set)

We turn brands into friends.

With airplanes on the ground, our resourcefulness took flight, conveying Lufthansa Group’s industry leadership and corporate citizenship through stories that inspired trust.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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