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Take charge with EV charging stations.

National Grid understands that building a talented workforce, attracting new customers and tenants, and growing your business are difficult enough under normal circumstances. During times of uncertainty, they’re even tougher.

One way to help your business stand out is by offering innovative, fiscally responsible benefits and amenities that appeal to eco-minded prospects. Electric vehicle charging stations can be that differentiator, and Mower is helping National Grid tell that story.


To get things rolling, we launched the “Take Charge” campaign, which enables commercial businesses in Massachusetts to install EV charging stations with little or no upfront investment. In many cases, National Grid covers 100% of the infrastructure costs.

The primary intention of the campaign was to build awareness of the 100% incentive, educate customers about the benefits of EV charging and drive leads through the program pipeline. We did this through:

  • Custom landing pages that allow users to easily take the first step by filling out an online form.
  • Digital advertising (banners, emails and e-newsletters) in popular business publications where we know our audience is consuming content: Business Journal, SmartBrief on Sustainability, etc.
  • Social campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to build awareness and drive interest.
  • A small content-syndication, lead-generation program that offered out a gated piece of content about EV charging stations.
  • Paid search that captured users already looking for this type of information.
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  • The site visit rate remained well above benchmark averages throughout the lifetime of the campaign.
  • The Business Journal emails saw open rates exceed benchmark average.
  • The content syndication program drove 454 warm leads at a very efficient cost per lead. Nearly all leads were either in the C-suite or facilities management, which is exactly who we needed to reach.
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We turn brands into friends.

The brands that people feel most attracted to are those that complement their lifestyle—and their compatibility is clear. As a result, they’re magnetically drawn to each other. National Grid used this “magnetism” to enjoy a deeper relationship with their commercial customers—while at the same time successfully driving adoption of EV charging stations.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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