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For football fans, the new season comes with a whole new energy. FirstEnergy, an electric utility company, wanted to build on that excitement at their FirstEnergy Stadium—Home of the NFL Cleveland Browns. So they hired Mower to help make it happen.

The energy on the field starts in the stands.

If you’re a Browns fan, you know diehards are referred to as the “Dawg Pound”—named after their defense. If you’re not a Browns fan, you probably still know these kinds of fearless fans. They’re the ones shirtless with body paint in zero-degree weather, who have never missed a home game in 50 years and who can manage to get every person in the stadium to ridiculously join in when the “wave” comes to their section.

In a way, these fans are as crucial as the QB. Their energy fuels the players, stadium, city and, occasionally, the country.

Most Valuable Fans.

Inspired by the idea that fans bring an energy that teams rely on, Mower and FirstEnergy created stadium signage featuring some of their “Dawg Pound” fans. As you can see, the idea encourages all Browns fans to unleash their #BestFanEnergy in the stands and all over social media.

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No blind spots.

But we’re not just talking about a couple of banners hanging around the stadium. We pumped out this pump-up creative in the venue’s most prominent placements, including the giant video board outside the stadium and the 360 LED ribbon that wraps the field. Whether you’re sitting in the stands, grabbing a Grande Nacho or bathroom breaking, FirstEnergy is in sight.

Outside of the stadium, the campaign tackled the tailgate with a virtual reality experience, generous giveaways and sweet swag. Because what’s any fan without some wearables? For those not in the stands, branding appeared on the Browns website and media guide.

Check out this play-by-play video to actually feel like a fan seeing the ads at the FirstEnergy Stadium.

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Tackling brand awareness and making a connection.

Headquartered in Ohio, this was a great first opportunity for FirstEnergy. If fan reactions are any indication, we know this campaign will continue to energize the FirstEnergy Stadium for years to come.

The client is so pleased with the positive response, they are looking to replicate the campaign in other states and cities where pro and college sports fans want to share their energy. But hey, that’s just what friendship is all about. Because friends cheer friends on—it’s how good energy is made.

We turn brands into friends.

FirstEnergy used energetic photography of real Cleveland Browns fans to make a connection with the city. The messaging was surprising coming from the electric utility company, but it quickly turned to a brand story, pinning FirstEnergy as a brand that cares and takes pride in its community. Plus, it simply brought good energy to viewers—something really important these days.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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