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Helping our partners look good for theirs.

In the ever-changing landscape of environmental sustainability, Albany County, in partnership with the DEC and NYSERDA, set an audacious goal—to reduce its carbon emissions by half and convert 100% of its light-duty fleet to electric vehicles by 2029. National Grid is helping them bring this vision to life, and we’re making sure they look good doing it.

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Supercharging a clean energy success story.

Our campaign and case study were aimed at promoting the Upstate New York EV Charging Station Program and Albany County’s fleet electrification efforts. They included impactful video testimonials featuring Albany County’s leadership, partner organizations and stakeholders. To create an omnichannel approach, we worked with National Grid to determine how we’d tell their story, which included long-form video, video snippets and a written case study. The long-form video was utilized on the clients’ website and YouTube page, while four video snippets were utilized for social media.

The primary objective was to raise awareness about the county’s commitment to sustainability, showcase the advantages of electric vehicle infrastructure expansion, and shine a spotlight on the valuable support received from National Grid—including over $100,000 in incentives provided through their Make-Ready program.

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Results for the powers that be.

The county executive of Albany County and other key stakeholders enthusiastically endorsed the success of the electrification initiative, demonstrating the strength of the partnership between Albany County, DEC, NYSERDA and National Grid.


The number of L2 charging ports Albany County has successfully installed in 11 locations.


The year the county purchased its first bulk fleet of electric vehicles.

76,850 kg

Albany County’s greenhouse gas emissions savings in the first year of electrification.

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