National Grid

Making every day Earth Day.

Earth Day is an organic opportunity for brands to celebrate their sustainability efforts. And National Grid wanted to expand the conversation. So they asked us to create a campaign to unify both residential and commercial communications with energy-efficiency and community engagement as hero. A platform so powerful it was extended beyond Earth Day for the entire month—and all year long.

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Saving energy and the earth.

Research suggests that engaging in environmentally friendly behavior can feel good. So, we tapped into an emotional insight: National Grid doesn’t just offer energy products and programs. They’re invested in their customers, their communities, and our planet. And by partnering with National Grid, our customers reap the benefits of an investment that pays dividends and grows exponentially.

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Small changes make a big impact.

We brought A World of Good to customers to show them how they could make a difference. Offering simple tips to increase the comfort, health and safety of their homes and businesses while saving energy. Reaching folks through paid and organic social, emails, banner ads and a customized landing page. And Earth-conscious messaging certainly resonated during this time.

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Doing good turned out great.

Overall, the campaign drove impressive results. All ads on Facebook/Instagram exceeded benchmarks, with extraordinary click-thru rates and very low cost-per-clicks. One audience on Facebook/Instagram delivered 800,000+ impressions alone and generated 25,000+ users to the landing page. Impactful numbers that help National Grid customers and the planet.

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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