National Grid

Uncovering more opportunities for commercial customers.

As businesses were coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, some National Grid customers were thriving, while others were struggling to survive. This made it especially challenging for a utility company to start conversations about investing in energy efficiency. However, research showed there were many ways to help our customers save money through tailored energy strategies. We just had to show them the opportunity

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Shifting perception.

We started with a simple mindset: address the fast-changing business climate and speak to different verticals in surprisingly relevant ways. This thinking drove our strategy: don’t sell products but reposition energy efficiency as a business strategy. Help commercial customers discover opportunities to boost employee, customer and tenant safety, comfort and productivity.

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Post-pandemic concern about indoor air quality, health and safety made it clear that energy efficiency was no longer a luxury, but a necessity for customers. And opportunities for meeting their new set of challenges were right in front of them hiding in plain sight. They just didn’t see it. We changed that by pairing familiar, industry-specific imagery with an unexpected twist, helping customers turn energy upgrades into a competitive advantage.

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Our integrated campaign delivered a larger number of impressions and website visitors than any other campaign. People were clearly invested in the content with 1.5+ million visitors to the main landing page and 719,298 new visitors. And they paid attention to the ads with a 91% digital audio completion rate, 97.5% CTV/OTT completion rate and 17% higher video preroll complete rate vs. industry benchmark. All those numbers add up to being instrumental in elevating the National Grid brand. Transforming perceptions from a faceless utility provider to a trusted business partner.

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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