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Children may be little, but their feelings certainly aren’t—and learning healthy ways to express them is a critical component of childhood social-emotional development. We helped launch a YouTube series for Allegheny Health Network to further their educational efforts.


The building blocks for success.

AHN’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Institute (PHBI) created the AHN Chill Project™ in 2019 to deliver behavioral health services within community schools and meet the growing need to educate, reduce stigma and improve outcomes for youth.

In 2022, AHN Chill Project started planning the production of a new children’s show aimed at toddlers and young children to help them cope with their feelings. Toddlers don’t have the words to express themselves, so helping them understand how to handle their emotions is critical to avoid negative reactions like throwing, biting and temper tantrums.

The idea for a show named “Cai & Kate” was born. In each episode, Kate, an AHN employee, interacts with Cai, a chameleon puppet that changes colors based on his emotions. Kate helps Cai work through his feelings and express them in healthy ways. The series of episodes would be hosted on YouTube, a platform that 80% of U.S. parents say is their child’s primary source of entertainment and educational content. An editor who worked on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood agreed to help, and work soon began on writing and filming the content.

But when it came to branding their new series, AHN needed some help. That’s where we came in.

Giving a show about colors the right tone.

We knew getting children excited about “Cai & Kate” would start with creating a visual identity that appeals to them. But the scope of our engagement was limited, and the client’s budget had almost been entirely exhausted on the production of the series itself. We had to find a way to make a big impact with our launch materials, something that could be used to promote the show for months to come.


Our eventual logo concept embodies the spirit of the show, with jungle-inspired typography and a friendly-looking chameleon whose colors can change when the logo is animated. Our tagline, “Exploring the colors of emotion,” plays off the idea that we assign different colors to certain emotions—like red with anger or blue with sadness—while also speaking to the vibrant conversations we hope to spark between children and adults.


We applied our branding to initial launch materials, like a save-the-date postcard invitation to the world premiere and in-office posters encouraging parents to watch the show with their little ones. Our friends at dPost helped us build the episode intro sequence. We even created a “Cai & Kate” themed coloring book, stickers and customized crayons for children to receive at their doctor’s appointments.

The results had us jumping for joy.

We helped “Cai & Kate” launch in a big way. Within the first six months, the initial episode was viewed more than 50,000 times and the channel gained more than 500 subscribers. Between the great work and the important need it addresses, it’s no wonder our efforts helped the “Cai & Kate” series earn recognition as a Purpose-Led Campaign of the Year in Ad Age and Modern Healthcare’s Impact Awards—a program honoring the most impactful campaigns propelling the healthcare industry forward, drawing attention to healthcare issues and the companies improving patient care.

Our client’s emotion? Very pleased.


We turn brands into friends.

By putting our heart and soul into giving the “Cai & Kate” series the high-production branding it deserves, we were able to help AHN improve the wellbeing of parents and children alike while forming a new client relationship along the way.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

Key Brand as Friend® Drivers:

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