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Transforming a brand associated with tradition into one known for innovation.

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The world is becoming more accessible—and healthcare is no exception. We helped Catholic Health promote new technologies while building on the trust they’ve established over decades of serving the Western New York community.


Ushering in a new era of patient care.

Catholic Health is a trusted name in the Buffalo market—a healthcare network rooted in tradition and patient care, not necessarily technological prowess. But in summer 2021, Catholic Health set out to reintroduce its telehealth solution (CH Care OnDemand) and introduce the nation’s most advanced patient-care solution (MyChart) to patients and nonpatients alike.

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It was time to take things in a different direction.

With previous brand campaigns focused on doctors and care facilities, we needed to shift our message to focus on patients—and how these technologies would positively impact their lives.


We rolled up our sleeves and went to work.

Our campaign featured four distinct consumers and story lines, each portraying how technology was enabling them to access healthcare and get the answers they needed in the moment. The message? Catholic Health is there when and where patients need it.

We wanted everything about the work to feel modern and innovative—from our locations to our casting to our soundtrack. Because production was done mid-pandemic, more than half of the talent ended up being real people who had never been on camera, further adding to the authenticity. Our director even took time to cast a real mother and daughter as well as a real couple to minimize safety and transmissibility concerns.

To further differentiate ourselves from local television, we engaged nationally recognized recording artist Alex Dezen—lead singer of The Damnwells—to customize his heartfelt track, “None of These Things,” for not one, but for all four spots.

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The message was well received.

By creating a custom landing page for users to check out after seeing our work, we were able to further educate on the benefits of Catholic Health’s new tools—helping the campaign drive increased traffic to and stronger engagement with CH Care OnDemand and MyChart.

We turn brands into friends.

By focusing our work around the idea of taking well with you, we were able to help shift the mindset of people into thinking of Catholic Health as an innovative local name in healthcare. We showed the community that wherever they’re needed, Catholic Health will be there to care.

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