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Convincing utility customers that comfort and savings go together like a jacket and cold weather.

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National Grid completes over 23,000 weatherization projects annually for utility customers across Massachusetts. Continuing to increase awareness of weatherization—and the benefits of insulation and air sealing—is important because it helps National Grid meet its goal of reducing energy consumption, which in turn leads to a cleaner and healthier environment.

We needed a fresh, new way to educate customers and talk to them about the benefits of insulation and air sealing. To do that, we needed to let customers know that insulation and air sealing can greatly enhance the comfort, health and savings in their homes.

An insight born from experience.

When you live through winters in the Northeast, you learn the importance of dressing in layers. An experience that led to the unique insight for this campaign: home insulation and air sealing are to a house what a sweater and a jacket are to a person. Think about it…when you’re cool, you put on a sweater; when the wind blows, you put on a jacket. Weatherization of a home is a lot like that. But how do we bring this idea to life?


Can you put a sweater and a jacket on a home?

Yes. In fact, to make weatherization relatable to our audience and really drive home the benefits of insulation and air sealing with attention-getting creative, we wrapped everything we could find with our two layers of protection. That included buses, billboards, posters—even trains—throughout Massachusetts. And to show the community that we are there in more ways than they may think, we even donated winter coats ($3,000 worth) to the local charity Cradles to Crayons. After all, homes aren’t the only things we think should be bundled up for the winter.

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3543590 National Grid BC71 Boston Subway Wrap 2022.10.31 40
3543590 National Grid BC71 Boston Subway Wrap 2022.10.31 18

So far, the campaign has received a very warm reception.

Our audience apparently found great comfort in this campaign. The paid search click-through rate (CTR) outperformed the benchmark by 131%, and paid social performed 39% over the CTR benchmark. The campaign’s online advertising delivered nearly 9 million impressions, with the average CTR performing at 79% over benchmark. More importantly, the campaign made the audience appreciate the value of weatherization. Out of just over 18,000 weatherization recommendations, we had nearly 15,000 customers weatherize their homes (an 83% conversion rate). And the number of conversions continues to grow (to date, more than 23,000 customers have weatherized their homes). Proving that if you really want to convert an audience, you just need to show them some warmth.

3543590 National Grid BC71 Boston Subway Wrap 2022.10.31 15
3543590 National Grid BC71 Boston Subway Wrap 2022.10.31 17


Conversion rate of weatherized homes

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