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B2B rebrand campaign moves engine manufacturer to trucking technology leader.

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For 80 years, the Detroit brand was known and prized for its best-in-class engines, created exclusively for Freightliner trucks. But the truth of the matter is that for years now, Detroit has provided so much more than engines—it supplies the building blocks to autonomous trucking technology, from lane assist to crash mitigation and more.

Mower’s job was to tell Detroit’s story in a way that stayed to true to the company’s strong engine heritage while revealing what it has grown to be. And through a hard-hitting, multiyear, integrated marketing campaign, our cars and trucks experts took that story to fleet owners, their drivers, independent owner-operators and Detroit’s own factory workers.

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The rubber meets the road.

Our work spanned provocative print and digital ads, social media, employee and dealership promotions, trade shows and an 80th – anniversary video that packed an emotional punch. We partnered with Freightliner to showcase the Detroit technology at the heart of Freightliner’s trucks. And together, we raised the hood to reveal the true nature of Detroit: a technology company that’s innovating trucking and moving the industry forward.

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We turn brands into friends.

Detroit had a solid reputation built on 80 years of excellence, but its story was incomplete. We brought the narrative up to date in an intriguing way that revealed the soul of the brand and captured the attention of buyers.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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