“Bring Your Work to Kids” Day

How an interactive campaign brought friendship in a time of fear.


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Can you imagine a baby, two toddlers, a dog and a working spouse squeezed into your tiny company cubicle? Well, a few years ago you’d probably say “No way.” But today, that sounds all too familiar.

After our company declared a mandatory work-from-home policy in response to COVID-19, our employees’ personal and professional lives became inseparable. We discovered 43% of our coworkers have kids under 18 at home, 29% believe their new “coworkers” create a distracting environment and 64% believe time spent with their family keeps their spirits up.

Ding-dong! Delivering surprise and delight.

Instead of fighting work from home, we embraced this moment in time by creating an interactive program that delivered daily surprise and delight to our families’ doorsteps. The name? Well, we flipped a well-loved office event on its head—pivoting the tradition of bringing children to work into “Bring Your Work to Kids Day.”

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Every day for over a month, we created challenges to complete including crafts, scavenger hunts and even activities that supported local businesses and frontline workers. The materials were versatile enough that employees could complete them on their own, as a family, or send their little ones off with a mission that would keep them busy for hours. There were even challenges where pets could get involved!

40,000 Impressions

Coming closer together from farther apart.

The daily challenges built up to a “Bring Your Work to Kids Day” event where our employees, their families and even some clients came together for two hours of family-friendly virtually hosted projects. These activities highlighted many different interests, including original music, logo design, storytelling and a nature safari inspired by the Cincinnati Zoo.

On the day of this family-friendly event, we launched a “Bring Your Work to Kids Day” microsite, offering free creative activities.

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Pay(off) day.

The results of “Bring Your Work to Kids Day” were a lot more encouraging than we expected. We received nearly 100% participation from our coworkers and their kids, and even grandkids joined in. We posted more than 175 pieces of content on our social channels, which received our highest engagement of the quarter with more than 40,000 impressions and 21,000 engagements—equaling just over 6% for average engagement rate. If you’re new to the marketing metric game, that’s really good!

We also scored big press coverage from four major editorials:

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But most importantly, we brought some ease during uncertain times, and to us, that’s what friendship is all about. Don’t you think?

We turn brands into friends.

In response to COVID-19, we wanted to show our employees we support them—and their families. So we spent a lot of time and money on bringing daily surprises to their doorsteps. All we were focused on was taking some of the anxiety out of the current state of the world and connecting our employees in new ways as they worked from home. Though our actions generated impressive buzz, we cared most about bringing friendship in a time of fear. To us, that’s what it’s all about.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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