A robust website design and build that increased a top tech company’s product sales.

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Medical and other major industries rely on JADAK technologies for custom detection and analysis solutions that optimize their performance, costs and time. Think products such as credit card readers and barcode scanners.

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When JADAK acquired three companies with different brand names, products and websites, they hired us to combine them into one brand message, a library of products users could easily search based on their needs and, of course, one awesome website. Conveniently, strong brand identities, logically organized products and awesome websites are some of our favorite subjects. So we got to work.

Tapping into our teams.

Although JADAK’s products are all about creating the fastest companies, websites are a marathon, not a sprint. Luckily, we have some record-breaking talent that helped us rise to the challenge right away.

We started out the way we usually do, with our proprietary Success Plan. The plan asks a series of questions to get all stakeholders on the same page with what their website goals and objectives are. Think about it as our pre-race warmup—getting everyone aligned and ready to go.

After completing our Success Plan, we planned out the website strategy and architecture that would make for an easy and enjoyable user experience. Then, we passed our findings off to the creative and development teams to dream up some big ideas and take them across the finish line.

Before and after.

Here’s where JADAK started.

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And here’s where they are today.

As you can see, the site looks A LOT different, but you may still be wondering what changes we made beyond the new appearance. Well, if you were to scroll both versions, you would see we gave the site (including all the new products and capabilities it contained) a consistent tone as well as implemented icons, concise copy and a filtered product section.

We also built the site with different paths based on audience needs and interests. Users are now able to quickly and easily get where they want to go—without seeing information they aren’t interested in.

Reaching results.

We created a smart site where users could get what they need, fast, without having to search four different websites to find it. Not to mention, many customers only knew one JADAK product prior to the launch, and this website redesign gave the brand an opportunity to cross-sell multiple products in the same solution. This resulted in more returning customers—who purchased even more products and services.

The site also made people aware of all the new products JADAK offers due to their acquisitions. In fact, the product transition was so seamless, it felt like these products were always JADAK’s. But hey, that’s what friendship’s all about. Because no one likes to feel like the new kid. It just takes a good friend to help them fit in.

We turn brands into friends.

By creating a consistent tone across what was four different brands and pairing that tone with a simple user experience, we were able to connect with site visitors on a new level. Because of this, a stronger brand identity was born, which led to more product awareness.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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