How vulnerable social media marketing put more eyes on a vision benefits company.


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Medical records are one of the most private things in a person’s life…or so we think. On the black market, healthcare information is worth 10X more than credit card information. Sure, all healthcare companies have basic cybersecurity, but to stay ahead of the hackers, basic protection is simply not enough.

That’s why EyeMed, the fastest-growing vision benefits company in the U.S., hired Mower to find an innovative way to stand out from the competition by sharing its advanced data security protocols and expertise.

Where we came in.

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, and in the realm of personal health information security, we needed to clearly demonstrate that EyeMed has users covered.

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So we got to work. To raise awareness of how EyeMed goes far beyond basic protections, we created a disruptive integrated campaign that focused on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We created hypertargeted social media ads that quickly communicated that “basic protection” is no protection at all.

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Through messaging about data vulnerability paired with images of vulnerable people—a scuba diver in only half a cage, a knight without his armor, and a pantsless beekeeper tending to his bees—we created social banners and videos that both advised and surprised.


These targeted paid social ads all pointed to a new landing page we developed where visitors could download an easy-to-follow white paper that gauges the data security of their benefits company against the extra steps EyeMed takes to protect users’ information. To make the website’s user experience even better, we created digital personas users could communicate with, monitored what sparked the most engagement, and captured user information for the sales team along the way.


New viewers

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Nice, but what’s the big deal?

EyeMed saw brand awareness increase significantly, and Mower reduced client spending to 60% below the industry metrics average. (If we took the traditional email-only approach, the reduction would have been just 3%.) For LinkedIn, we achieved a click-through rate of 54%—three to four times the market average. For Facebook and Instagram, out of the 2,125 total link clicks, 1,258 came from new audience members.

In all, the campaign put EyeMed and its security benefits message in front of 161,175 people who had not previously engaged with the brand online. Now that’s a lot of eyes.

We turn brands into friends.

This integrated campaign took surprising imagery for a vision benefits company and paired it with useful safety information that customers need when it comes to choosing a benefits company that covers everything.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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