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As one of the area’s leading physician networks, Buffalo Medical Group (BMG) is dedicated to helping the people they care for thrive. Establishing great patient relationships has always been a key component of their philosophy—they just needed some help bringing it to life.

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How do people choose their doctor?

It’s an important decision to make. After all, the average doctor-patient relationship lasts up to 9 years—second only to the average long-term relationship with significant others. There are a lot of reasons why people choose their doctor and even more reasons why they choose to stay with them. Trust and compassion are two key factors.

89 of Americans trust and value their relationship with primary care doctors

We decided to flip the script.

As important as the doctor-patient relationship is, the reality is people often end up under the care of a doctor or specialist based on the recommendation or requirement of their health insurer. Our challenge was convincing patients to pick their doctor before picking their health insurance plan.

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We challenged the status quo.

Who your doctor is shouldn’t be a choice a company makes for you. Because it isn’t just about the treatment. It’s about how they treat you. We tapped into the very real and personal reasons why people choose and stay with their doctors, year after year, to position BMG as the right choice for someone looking for primary care.

Through targeted TV, outdoor and paid social, we reached potential patients with emotional reminders of why choosing the right doctor can make a big difference in everyday life. Our social ads encouraged engagement by seeking responses from current patients.

BMG Outdoor Social

The vitals looked good.

Within the first 4 months of the campaign launch, the number of new BMG patients increased by 7.2%. Overall patient engagement on social media increased by 50%. BMG’s Senior Care Medicare Advantage plan saw a 98% acquisition rate in its first year. And there was a significant increase in brand web traffic and office call volume.

We turn brands into friends.

By focusing on moments of compassion, we connected with current and future patients alike, demonstrated the different ways we treat people well and positioned Buffalo Medical Group as a partner in life—not just a doctor’s office.

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