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A website refresh that raised research, design and user experience standards.


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Standard Textile is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of textiles for healthcare, hospitality and consumer markets worldwide. Think products like that cozy comforter at your favorite hotel, privacy curtains for medical procedures and microfiber cloths to keep communal spaces clean. But as a globally known brand with a great reputation, Standard Textile’s website surprisingly didn’t meet the expectations of its team members or consumers.

From a branding perspective, the site’s aesthetic was dated, navigation was frustrating and there was no focus on the company’s leading-edge innovation—their main differentiator. From a technical perspective, the site was challenging to update and administer, and it was not mobile friendly. That’s a huge red flag these days, considering that over 60% of Google searches are done from a mobile device.

So Standard Textile hired us to figure out how to make their site soar past the status quo.

Analyzing at first sight.

As part of our standard site process, we held a formal discovery session that put all key project stakeholders in the same room to get them aligned on the business and marketing goals of the new site. Here’s what that session included:


We assessed the current website’s users, their behaviors and the overall site engagement.


We reviewed the current SEO performance, search rankings and keywords.


We looked at five key competitor websites to assess positives and negatives related to the user experience, creative design and content for the project team to reference.


We catalogued and summarized existing content based on type, messaging, placement and target audience.

Setting higher standards to achieve more clicks.

With new discoveries, goals and pain points identified, we started to create the website strategy and user experience. Three powerful words served as our pillars, guiding our every move:

Simple: To make navigating feel intuitive instead of overwhelming, we cut down the copy and created easy-to-understand icons. Knowing our audiences and their different customer journeys, we created easy paths into the website that would meet the needs of each audience.

Intentional: We aligned our messaging to assure every detail conveyed the company’s category-leading innovation, supported users’ needs and represented Standard Textile’s most current products and services. Our product filtering feature helps users find what they need, and our products page highlights related products with clear ways for customers to contact the company. We were also intentional with our word choices, adding SEO keywords to make the site rise to the top when users search for it.

Aspirational: We elevated the overall aesthetic of the site to give internal and external users an inspirational experience—opening with their “80 years strong” story and ensuring leading-edge innovation, human imagery and powerful headlines are served throughout the site.

Success that will stay in style.

The first month after the site launched, Standard Textile had more lead conversions than in any previous month. While it takes time for SEO updates to propagate, they’ve still seen an 18% improvement in traffic from searches that didn’t include a specific brand. The site also won a Bronze ANA B2 award. Overall, Standard Textile was really satisfied with our site overhaul. But hey, that’s what friendship’s all about. When a friend’s out there making everyone else feel stylish and comfortable, we’re here to ensure they’re feeling the same way.


Improvement in traffic

Standard Textile won a Bronze ANA B2 award for the site’s overhaul.

We turn brands into friends.

Because of our upfront research and stakeholder alignment, we were able to accurately advise Standard Textile about how to create a successful site. Sharing the process with them every step of the way, we developed greater trust, as well as a website that not only amplified Standard Textile’s innovative products and abilities, but gave its brand a strong identity. The process was efficient. It was honest. And it was just plain awesome.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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