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When Wiferion, a German energy solution supplier powering mobile robots and autonomous industrial vehicles through a wireless charging platform, opened a U.S. sales and development office, it turned to Mower to help spread the word.

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Mower has deep experience in the robotics industry, supporting innovation hubs like MassRobotics and companies across the industry, including drones, warehouse robotics, software platforms and more.

Wiferion, by maximizing the performance of industrial electric vehicles such as AGVs, AMRs, forklifts, autonomous industrial trucks and collaborative robots, increases uptime, lowers maintenance and improves autonomous vehicle fleet efficiencies.

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Wiferion quickly became immersed in the U.S. robotics industry, showcasing its wireless charging platform at a “cable-cutting” event and reception during ProMat. The Mower team lined up interviews for the Wiferion team at ProMat and developed strategic content to show both warehouse/factory robot OEMS and end users the benefits of adopting wireless robotic charging.

Within months, Mower had developed and issued news about Wiferion’s entry into North America, launched several of its products and platforms into the market, developed email marketing and social campaigns, worked directly to Wiferion customers to develop case studies, facilitated introductions to critical industry media, and supported the company at two of the industry’s largest conventions, ProMat and Automate.

Through its industry connections, Mower also found ways to immerse the Wiferion team in global robotics standards conversations and committees exploring interoperability standards for robotics OEMs, including where inductive charging fits into those standards.

Wiferion immediately began engaging with North American companies, significantly grew its sales pipeline, and became part of the discussion around the transformation of charging platforms for autonomous robots, delivering a positive charge to the industry, one that will have deep impact in moving the robotics industry forward.

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