Flying into the Drone Safety Zone: Using AI to create an interactive marketing campaign

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Drones continue to be a hot ticket toy for kids and adults alike, and utility company FirstEnergy is uniquely aware of how dangerous powerlines and electrical equipment can be to those in play mode.

FirstEnergy’s commitment to safety and ways to keep safe around electricity needed to grow and evolve to incorporate drone safety education. The main message: if your drone gets caught in power lines, or crashes into a utility pole or substation, never attempt to retrieve it yourself.

Reaching a droner audience.

Mower launched the game with a fully integrated media mix geared toward the droner lifestyle, directly serving users streaming via gaming consoles and amplifying the message through digital audio, mobile, paid social, Google Search and YouTube, and AI-powered video.

We tapped into data intelligence resources—like Amazon 1P—to identify people who are shopping for or recently purchased a drone, and targeted mobile devices that had drone flying apps installed. AI monitored users on social media and identified core audiences with drone interests to serve display and video ads. Native advertising with an AI component served a multitude of drone headlines and images, identifying and optimizing creative that sent the most users to the drone safety page and users who played the safety game.

A game with real-life results.

FirstEnergy’s Drone Safety Zone game effectively amplified audience engagement, with 55,000 users successfully completing the drone safety education course during gameplay; 228,000 landing page visits; and 238,000 drone safety gameplay sessions. You can play the game for yourself here.

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