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Keeping robotics real: How consistent PR coverage and creative geared Vecna up for greatness.

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Vecna Robotics is a technology company focused on warehouse automation to optimize workflows and enhance efficiency. After hiring a new CEO and operating for the first time as a stand-alone company, Vecna Robotics hired us.

We were charged with evolving Vecna Robotic’s messaging to raise its brand awareness as it moved from a product-focused strategy to a solution-based one.

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Where we came in.

The first thing we needed to do was establish a new and consistent brand voice that would make powerful B2B connections. Luckily, there’s nothing we love more than helping brands connect—and of course, a good challenge. So we sat down and started writing rallying cries that were straightforward, empathetic and educational.


Finally, we landed on the right fit: “Workflows over robots”—a clear and concise message to help organizations understand the current and future value of people in the workplace, and the specific ways Vecna’s robots can amplify and aid the human workforce.

Now that we had the “talk” down, it was time for our public relations, creative and media pros to add the “walk.” We created everything from social media posts to easy-to-read white papers. We even created a cling wrap on Vecna’s walls to show visiting clients and new employees how workflow additions can change the workplace.

Cloning our creative.

With strong creative and the mantra “Workflows over robots” at the top of our minds, we worked to develop aligned content for the media, as well as Vecna’s personal blog. We met with partners like MiltonCAT and Geodis to tell Vecna Robotics’ complex story as simply as possible. Mower continued to regularly create social content to give Vecna a unique and relevant voice among its growing competitive base.

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How getting more gigs got Vecna more bytes.

Mower supported Vecna Robotics at several industry events like ProMat and MODEX, where we facilitated interviews with the media, provided their booths with artwork and amplified booth attendance through social networking and press releases. We stayed on top of important current events by constantly setting up meetings with local and industry media around critical industry topics, giving Vecna more exposure than ever before.

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Nice, but what’s the big deal?

Through powerfully aligned creative paired with on-top-of-it outreach, Mower scored consistent coverage across robotics, logistics and warehouse industry outlets. We also maintained regular business coverage in the Boston area where Vecna Robotics is based. Mower secured a feature story about Vecna Robotics in The Wall Street Journal. “Wait…a profile story on a small private robotics company in the WSJ?” Yeah, we made that happen!

We turn brands into friends.

By staying consistent with both creative and media coverage, Mower was able to give a small robotics company the big brand awareness and industry trust its workflow initiative deserves. And all it took was a little loyalty, advice and connection to make it happen.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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