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Selling the heat pump story.

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National Grid is always looking for ways to help their Massachusetts and New York state energy customers save energy and money while achieving regional electrification goals. High-efficiency heat pumps are proven to meet these objectives, but heat pumps often cost more to install and haven’t been widely embraced as a heating solution for cold northeast winters.

Building understanding in a new product space.

National Grid is continually promoting choices customers can make to save energy and money while enhancing the year-round comfort of their homes. With rebates and tax credits available, our challenge was to build understanding of cold-climate heat pumps and help target customers find the right heat pump for their homes. 

We needed ways to connect.

We developed a multi-year targeted marketing campaign to drive heat pump technology adoption. The campaign focuses on moving customers through the marketing funnel, especially high-propensity customer segments. We featured a cast of eye-catching characters who invited customers to escape to the Great Indoors—a place with greater energy efficiency, greater savings and, most of all, greater comfort.

Campaign tactics included awareness-building channels such as direct mail and a high-impact cover wrap on Travel & Leisure magazine, which was mailed to National Grid’s target customer list as well as to regular magazine subscribers. Other key channels ranged from video ads on streaming platforms and connected TV to paid social media campaigns and Google keywords.

The campaign generated incredible results.

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