A rebrand that helped an online-only financial brand build a prominent presence.

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Can you imagine turning down someone handing you money when you need it most? Well, that’s what Biz2Credit (an online business funder) was facing with potential customers. So they hired Mower to figure out why.

Dusting off the webs on an out-of-date website.

The first thing we did to discover why an online-only financial business was underperforming was run a competitive analysis. Through this research, we discovered that all the competitors’ websites were straightforward, used human imagery, highlighted client testimonials to create trust, and had strong search engine optimization (SEO) practices in place to do a lot of the heavy lifting—four things Biz2Credit was lacking.

Inspiration from imaginary friends.

We realized that a full brand makeover would be the only sustainable way to keep up with competitors and bring in the money (or give it away in a financial funder’s case). So, we got to work.

To kick off the rebrand, we first created a brand persona named Kazi who represented our ideal consumer. We mapped out Kazi’s demographics, train of thought, and his business wants and needs. We identified everything about Kazi down to his wristwatch… literally.

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking — “This sounds a lot like an imaginary friend.” But Kazi represented so much more. He was the face of the millions of customers Biz2Credit wanted to see on its site and helped creators stay aligned at every step of the rebrand.

Messaging that means more.

After we got the green light from our client on the persona, we landed on a new brand expression: “Funding what’s next.” We matched this tagline with a website overhaul that included honest photography, simple design and shorter copy—promising a viewer right off the bat that they could get what they needed faster than their morning cup of coffee.

Setting our “site” on success.

During our first analysis, we discovered the average competitor was keeping viewers on its site for four minutes, while the average viewer on Biz2Credit was bouncing off the site at one minute and 45 seconds. Now the average viewer stays on the site for five minutes.

With such great improvements, we won Gold and Silver Muse awards. Before our overhaul, there was also no search engine optimization built into the site copy—putting Biz2Credit in nearly last place when it came to search results. Now when you search “Biz2Credit,” you don’t have to look far. But hey, that’s just what friendship is about. Because true friends don’t let friends get lost in the crowd.

We turn brands into friends.

By creating a more welcoming website and implementing SEO and other optimization best practices, Mower helped Biz2Credit create an identity that viewers could trust and easily navigate. This greatly increased its online presence and ability to keep up with its growing competitors.

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