Mower turns insights on pandemic perceptions into brand-building integrated campaign.

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As COVID-19 turned the world upside down, Mower sought to get a pulse on what people were thinking and feeling. We wanted to share our consumer research broadly to help our clients—and their clients—better grasp the impact of the pandemic on behaviors and guide their business decisions.

Our in-house research team fielded two quantitative studies to approximately 1,000 U.S. adults each—one in the pandemic’s earliest days and another several months into the crisis.

From insights to action.

We focused on people’s pandemic behaviors both generally and in areas relating to our agency specialties: travel and tourism, healthcare, technology and financial services.

Segmenting audiences by age, geography and political affiliation, we gleaned insights into everything from how they felt about masking up to what they most looked forward to doing again on “Day One”—when restrictions lifted.

We then used that newfound knowledge to develop dynamic creative assets, a solid PR pitching strategy, thought leadership articles and a robust social approach.

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Testing the social waters.

The campaign also served as a valuable social media testing ground. By presenting results in a variety of formats—video, carousel, static and voting posts—we could compare performance and use the intel to guide future social strategies on behalf of our clients and the agency.


A front-page payoff.

Our PR effort paid off in significant national media hits, from front-page coverage in The Wall Street Journal (print and digital reaching almost 12 million) to (145+ million UMVs), (28.3 million impressions) and Condé Nast Traveler (1.06 million impressions).

We also scored substantial coverage in marketing and vertical trade media and regional media where the agency has a strong presence. Even Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security reported on nuggets from our survey results.



The industry benchmark media impressions


Baseline levels social engagement


Norm website traffic

331% ROI

~ $265k worth of paid media coverage


We turn brands into friends.

By tapping into Americans’ pandemic concerns and engaging our audiences through numerous channels with easy-to-digest news bites, we strengthened our position as a strategic partner to our clients and as a thought leader at a time when consumers and businesses were all thirsting for knowledge.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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