A market challenger strategy reinvigorates a leading commercial and institutional products brand.

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A dramatic trend to consolidation in the healthcare facility landscape meant greater competition for Carrier, a leader in residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning. And while Carrier, through its Carrier Healthcare Solutions, is uniquely positioned as the only integrated HVAC partner for healthcare operations, competing brands had found ways to disrupt convention and shift the balance of market share.

Carrier turned to the buildings and construction marketing specialists at Mower for help. We determined that to survive—let alone thrive—in this new environment, Carrier needed a laser marketing focus on the healthcare vertical, appealing directly to the VPs of facilities who are now being challenged to operate multiple locations flawlessly. We needed to reach these potential customers with the message that only Carrier has the depth of expertise, experience and product to handle their indoor air quality concerns across multiple facilities, freeing them to focus on other issues.

A different look leads to healthy outcomes—for patients and Carrier.

Mower’s integrated ad campaign addressed the challenges of managing indoor air quality for patient safety, satisfaction and healthy outcomes.

With the proposition “Let’s look at your air differently,” the campaign strove to make the potential dangers of something that’s invisible both seeable and manageable. Our creative team took inspiration from engineering illustrations to depict the flow of air in a variety of critical healthcare settings.

Case Study Carrier Air Grid

Success is in the air.

The initial ad was so successful we launched a second phase on the dangers of poor indoor air quality.

Carrier Healthcare Solutions saw significant gains over the 15-month campaign, including a 70% increase in services and solutions and a template for success in other key verticals.




increase in equipment sales

We turn brands into friends.

By adopting a vertical strategy, Carrier connected directly with healthcare facility decision-makers and quickly gained their trust through messaging delivered in an authoritative and helpful voice.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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