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Loretta AI is the real deal.

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Now in her third “season,” Loretta continues to tell Loretto’s story—one of an innovative continuum of care in Central New York for seniors, from community-based care to assisted living, and skilled nursing, including memory life care. Recently, our story took Loretta from her home to one of Loretto’s assisted living apartments. But, due to challenges in the second quarter of their fiscal year, creating new TV spots wasn’t possible.

The Loretta brand campaign had built name recognition and momentum that neither Loretto nor Mower was willing to lose—so we shifted toward innovative technologies that, with agency backing, had the potential to produce significant results.

Loretta real AI

Meet Loretta AI.

Mower generated a feisty, lifelike avatar that’s driving a paid and organic social campaign that targeted families home for the holidays with aging parents or grandparents. The paid posts told Loretta’s story about living at Loretto while the organic posts were designed to be topical, fun and engaging.  

The avatar was created using real images of Loretta from past photoshoots. And her impressive voice clone was developed with actual studio samples. (Yes, the real Loretta was compensated for sharing her likeness with us.) Plans include making Loretta AI a valuable part of future training, onboarding and live chat. Bringing some surprising innovation to a very traditional industry. Loretta AI today. Loretta GPT tomorrow.

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Double tapping into Loretta’s full potential.

Loretta’s second rise to stardom was as impressive as her first, this time during the strategically important holiday season. Our holiday AI Loretta campaign, which ran for four weeks from December to January, gathered:

1.5 million

Enjoy the spotlight, Loretta. You’ve earned it.

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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