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Older homes are loaded with character and charm, but they often lack proper insulation and air sealing. To let owners of these homes know National Grid can help add more modern efficiency, savings, comfort and value to their home’s classic style, we created this vintage-postcard-inspired, direct-mail campaign with a personalized digital surprise.

DM Pieces 2

Like these older homes, every detail matters. The piece was targeted to 30,000 classic home owners and delivered in a baronial envelope with a personalized script name and address. Inside was a die-cut sleeve containing several pieces resembling vintage post cards featuring classic fonts and graphic accents.

Direct Mailer IMG

Each set displayed a watercolor depiction of a classic home and some information regarding energy-efficiency upgrades, rebates and National Grid programs. A call to action offered homeowners a chance to upload a picture of their home—with a combination of automated filters and actions—and easily turn it into a beautiful piece of art of art that could be saved and shared.

Email Laptop IMG
A complementary email reinforced the offer and drove to a landing page where visitors could get more information about taking advantage of no-cost energy assessments and rebates on home insulation and air sealing.

Let our audience see their homes in a new light.

Phone Filter IMG
Visitors could also upload a photo of their home and apply our custom filter to give it that vintage look.

The campaign was so successful, we brought back the technology for the holidays with the “Winter Wonderlens.”

Wonder Lens DM IMGs

This gave customers a fun, shareable way to celebrate their home—and the most wonderful time of the year. This innovative interactive app has been used more than 16,500 times.

So far, the results have been impressive given our relatively small target audience.

  • 15,000 people have visited our landing page.
  • Once there, 12,252 homeowners scheduled a no-cost Home Energy Assessment
  • And, during the campaign, more than 400 people used our custom vintage home filter.

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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