Performance Marketing

A customer journey that’s about so much more than the destination.

Want to do more—and do it faster and more nimbly than ever? It’s not a trick question (we promise). It’s actually what our performance marketing team does best. They pinpoint the highs and lows of your business and tailor your customers’ journeys over the lifetime of your relationship. All, of course, while using our Making Fierce Friends™ platform: Because the best friendships are built on authentic and enduring connections.

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Digital Customer Journey

With performance marketing, we can make all your digital touchpoints feel totally organic, like they belong exactly where we are. What may in fact be a marketing campaign becomes a series of totally relatable moments along your customers’ digital journey. Because of our rigorous planning and audience insights, the digital experience resonates and is more engaging. The best part? That means it’s less expensive for you and it drives better results, too. 

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Multichannel Digital Activation Campaigns

There’s never one specific channel for performance marketing. It’s everywhere at once, and in all the right places. Our performance marketing team knows how to use Instagram versus Snapchat, but also knows about the latest channels people are using and what’s to come. They study this so hard it’s like they can see the social future. 

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Audience Insights

We love to gather long lists of data and then use it to humanize your audience. Performance marketing is built on empathy and data, if you can believe it. Who is your audience? What are their dreams and fears? We get to the heart of all of that, and it informs every piece of content we create.

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Go-to-Market Campaigns

Got something new to promote? Performance marketing strategically activates go-to-market campaigns in all the right places, maximizing engagement with messaging that gets people excited. In other words, you hit the market running. 

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Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Performance marketing shines in the ecommerce space. It’s taking all that audience insight we’ve gathered, then wrapping it up in a really simple way for them to buy what you’re selling. Without a hitch.

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Lead Generation with Account-Based Marketing

Want higher levels of engagement with account-based marketing? It’s about talking to your customers in new ways, deepening your relationship. This is what performance marketing is all about. 

Our Performance Marketing Work

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