Elevating a European manufacturer’s profile in the U.S. through a successful product launch.

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Kingspan is a highly respected building products manufacturer based in Ireland. At the time, the company had a few residential products in the U.S. market, but wanted to use the launch of the new Kooltherm commercial product to elevate its profile in North America. So they hired us to help make it happen. 

What’s so cool about Kooltherm?

First, we should tell you that Kooltherm is an advanced ultrathin insulation panel. With insulation panels, thinner is better. Kooltherm provides buildings with a lighter-weight protection, giving the buildings’ facades a leaner profile. This allows for more energy efficiency, sustainability and precious building square footage—exactly what architects seek to achieve their design visions.

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From Europe to the United States.

With 35+ years of building and construction marketing expertise under our toolbelts, we got to work. We started with research to understand the unique needs of architects and design engineers. We established success metrics and developed a multichannel marketing plan to ensure American architects and design engineers were introduced to Kooltherm. Our goal was to build rapid awareness and drive targets to request product samples. We knew that getting Kooltherm into the hands of leading U.S. influencer architects was essential. 

Kingspan Australian Print Ad

Making insulation iconic.

During our research, we learned that architects and design engineers are heavily influenced by the work of their peers. So we developed a campaign that featured iconic architectural masterpieces that were constructed using Kooltherm insulation—like the Titanic Belfast museum in Northern Ireland. We called this campaign “THINisIN” and included high-impact placements in leading architectural and design media—both print and digital—such as Architect, CA: Commercial Architecture, Architectural Industry News and Architectural Products.

Content is king.

This attention-grabbing campaign was also supported by a search engine optimization (SEO) program, eblasts, white papers and a robust PR effort that secured high-profile editorial coverage. We hosted dozens of journalists at top tradeshows, including the AHR Expo and the AIA Conference on Architecture.

Helping Kingspan span further.

Despite a relatively modest budget for a national product launch, Mower’s four-month campaign for Kooltherm was powerful. Within hours of the campaign’s debut, the Kingspan sales teams began receiving phone calls from targeted prospects. From the start, 150 lead forms were completed, with 75% requesting immediate product samples. We had 4,000 landing page views and nearly two million impressions. We even scored a conversion rate of 4%, beating the average conversion rate four times over! But the best part? These leads were tracked to regions Kingspan considered important: New York, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas and Georgia. These results made us feel all warm inside. Then again, that could just be the insulation.

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We turn brands into friends.

For this campaign, we spoke the language of architects–through compelling visuals and even more compelling benefits. Relevant information, creatively delivered. A great way to strengthen relationships and build business.

Key Brand as Friend® drivers:

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