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We shine the light where you want it to shine.

Our Public Affairs team is focused on building your reputation, managing crises and bringing communities together around your story. From big-picture corporate social responsibility to the ins and outs of renewable energy project siting, it takes a nuanced approach. We’ve got one. 

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Community Engagement

Community engagement efforts should move people. That’s why we take a simple approach backed up by reams of data and strategy. It comes together when we are able to move entire communities by speaking to their hearts and minds.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

You’re doing corporate social responsibility because you want to make a long-term positive impact on the communities and environments where you do business. We help align your CSR program to your business goals. So if all that good you set out to do helps boost your rep and decrease risk, even better. 

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Issues & Reputation Management

We help clients keep people from becoming angry, and we help them deal with angry people. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Our approach is built on experience, plenty of strategy and nuanced diplomacy skills we picked up over the years that help us protect your reputation with finesse and heart.

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Regulatory Approval and Facility Siting

The cool thing about working with a full-service marketing firm that’s built on data, research and planning is that we can build coalitions, target partnerships and navigate regulatory processes, from SEQRA to New York’s new Section 94-C and more, to help our clients get the approvals they need. 

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Stakeholder Outreach

We’re not done yet. We put it all together to create the campaigns that target the exact stakeholders in your community and use our extensive communication strategies to reach them in an effective way.  

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