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Austin Philleo

Account Supervisor, PR & PA Group

Learn how we used our deep experience in the renewable energy industry to develop a proprietary, data-driven approach to community assessments.

Renewable energy projects are massive undertakings, often involving years of planning, studies and negotiation to secure a site. Of course, that’s no surprise to us at Mower. Our Public Relations and Public Affairs division has 50 years of experience helping energy clients bring their projects to life.

Community research is a critical component of any project. With so much at stake, renewable energy companies are looking to acquire the most relevant, recent data through extensive, micro-targeted means. And with a major influx of new projects following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, our streamlined approach to community research has maximized the value we deliver for our clients across the United States.

Introducing Mower Community Assessments.

Our community assessments provide the information renewable energy companies need to make informed decisions about proposed locations. After a discovery call to kick things off and learn more about your specific needs, we’ll develop a report that gives you a 360-degree view of the communities you’re considering.

The assessments contain information like explanations of key stakeholders and organizations, assessment of local government and its views on renewable energy, demographics, an overview of the local media landscape, overall recommendations and more information specifically tailored to that project. Our advanced assessment goes even further to include things like environmental justice findings, an activation schedule, social media mapping and sentiment polling where possible.

Planning your next project?

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