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Market research and analysis that peels back the layers.

We’re so curious. Give us 10 focus groups, and we’ll want 15. Give us 400 survey responses, and we’ll want 800.

That’s because the way we see it, the point of competitive market research and analysis isn’t a report. It’s all about peeling back the layers to answer that one question: Why? And we really want to know.  With ad testing, brand trackers, awareness and usage studies and so much more, we design a research plan that meets your business objectives. 

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Brand Awareness and Perception

We just want to know what your audience is thinking. Do they like you? Do they love you? Do you matter to them? Why or why not? The questions are simple, but we dig deep into proven brand awareness and perception research methodologies to get real answers.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive market research helps us understand who you’re up against. What are they putting out there? Where can we take you so you stand out? You have something special to say, now let’s say it so people will hear. 

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Concept and Ad Testing

After we create something based on our initial research, we like to take it back for some more research. We told you we’re curious. We’re not just asking the audience if they like it. We’re asking them if the concept is believable, if it’s different, if it’s motivating. Is your message diverse, equitable and inclusive? We’re testing to drive corporate social responsibility, too.

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Focus Groups

Focus groups are a tried and true part of market research. There’s something classic about the image of an executive sitting behind a one-way mirror watching a focus group in action. We’re conducting them in rooms without the creepy mirror, in online bulletin boards via AI-enabled platforms and over Zoom all the time.  

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Qualitative Research

We’re using all the technologies that allow us to meet your audience where they are, and offer qualitative research that’s relevant to you. It’s about getting those personal insights and colorful details that make your message pop. 

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Quantitative Research

We’ve got quantitative research tools that give us really powerful data. From awareness and perceptions to advanced analytics, the goal is confidence. It’s about knowing what people think of you because of real data and research, and there’s so much power in that.

Our Research Work

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