The B2B marketing agency that brings fierceness to friendship.

At Mower, we’ve found that the best way to sharpen your competitive edge is to build your brand by building the fiercest of friendships. We call this “Brand as Friend®.” It’s a very powerful tool for reaping the results B2B marketing leaders want most: revenue growth, brand strength, qualified leads and ROI.

How does it work for our B2B clients? It’s simple, but incredibly effective. Through three key tenets — affection, relevance and trust — we help you nurture closer, more meaningful relationships between your brand and customers, prospects, employees, influencers, stakeholders and channel partners. These relationships move people to view your brand as a dependable one that listens, offers good advice and truly wants to help, just as a friend would. And once you win their friendship, you win their loyalty to your brand.

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Activating Brand as Friend for your brand

As a full-service agency, Mower has all the resources, capabilities and expertise to help you build friendships with your B2B customers and achieve a competitive edge in a multitude of ways:

  • Create an integrated marketing plan to grow share in new vertical or geographic market segments.
  • Cross-sell products and services through digital marketing to grow margin and revenue.
  • Own the customer journey via content marketing and marketing automation to fill your sales pipeline with marketing-qualified leads.
  • Strengthen sales channel relationships to convert more business.
  • Drive key changes in brand perception.
  • Utilize account-based marketing to target your high-potential prospects.


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