Writing the future of mining.

The world can’t become more sustainable without the resources acquired from mining—even though mining has historically accounted for 7% of all greenhouse gas emissions on Earth. That is, until industry leader ABB developed an all-electric, fully integrated solution.

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For your world, and mine.

Our rallying cry inspired the industry to strive for better. Together with the idea that electrifying your mine also improves the world beyond it, we were able to communicate the benefits of ABB eMine for businesses as well as the planet in meaningful, relatable ways.

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Work that reached far and wide.

When you have a powerful message, it’s easy to find ways to spread it. Full-page print ads and social media posts used powerful photography combined with our messaging to highlight the benefits for all stakeholders.

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Our world-changing facts and figures came to life in digital videos, where we were able to fully visualize the benefits of all-electric mining.

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We developed an interactive presentation to support ABB at trade shows and other industry events, delivered by senior leaders during their ABB Mining Tech Talks.

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We created quite the buzz.

Over the course of our campaign, we had a potential audience reach of 65+ million people—with 15,944 eMine page views and 215 coverage pieces generated. 147 people participated in ABB Mining Tech Talks, including 5 hot leads.

We had 232 brochure and whitepaper downloads. And our posts on ABB’s Process Automation LinkedIn account were viewed nearly 150,000 times, with 11,000+ people engaging with our content.

It goes to show that when you come up with work that resonates with your customers, it can make all the difference in the world.

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