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Digital power solutions are revolutionizing the delivery and management of electricity—but many businesses haven’t adopted new infrastructure yet. Our campaign for ABB’s ReliaGear™ showed customers exactly what they’d been missing.

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Through research, we uncovered that our target stakeholders—primarily commercial building owners and facility managers—crave access to real-time, actionable data. Because when you’re responsible for critical power infrastructure, millions of dollars of equipment are at risk and lives are often on the line. We needed to demonstrate how ABB’s ReliaGear provides not only a scalable, digital solution to their needs but also peace of mind.

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Our integrated campaign overlaid customer scenarios with the types of information that ReliaGear reveals to them—proving that while knowledge may be power, smarter power brings a whole new level of insight. We call it “The Power to Inform.”

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We carried our messaging across pre-roll video, LinkedIn ads, print ads, email and display, with all tactics leading to a dedicated landing page where customers could discover additional information on ReliaGear products.

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Over the course of the campaign, we received more than 14.5 million impressions and 57,669 visits to the campaign landing page. The content clearly resonated with prospects, driving video engagement on YouTube that was 5x the industry benchmark and an email open rate 6x the industry benchmark. And with more than 312,000 video views, the campaign made a measurable impact on ABB’s awareness and perception in the digital power solutions category.

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