At EMA Boston, we enjoy pouring over the details of our next marketing strategy with a fresh pot of pour-over coffee or two. Or 10. (It’s largely favored over K-Cups around here.) We find it’s a great way to bond, along with the weekly lunches we like to share together as a team. Or the work we do through our partnership with CitySprouts, the local school garden program. Staying connected is important to us. And if someone’s not feeling the love, our resident pup Obi is sure to bring them around with his doggone delightful kisses. He’s quite possibly the most iconic part of our office, next to Manny, our resident greeter and mannequin. Be sure to stop in and say “hi.”


Kevin Hart Senior Vice President, Managing Director

134 Rumford Avenue, Suite 307 Newton, MA 02466 781-893-0053