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Fully integrated, full service.

Our full-service public relations team helps you build relationships, manage your reputation and drive your business. We’re a PR firm that’s fully integrated with the marketing side of things here at Mower. If you’re here, you already know that integration is critical in today’s digital communications world, but really hard to find. You came to the right place.

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Messaging and Storytelling

We have PR talent and expertise that not only tells your story perfectly, but also knows exactly where to tell it. The integration with our marketing capabilities means we can get that message out in so many different ways, seamlessly distributing your content through traditional PR pathways as well as the latest important digital channels, too.

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Media Relations

The key is developing a story that appeals to the media (as opposed to you talking about yourself). It’s an art, and we have it down. Plus, we have the media contacts to get your story told over and over again, in all the right places.

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Internal Communications

Sometimes your PR message isn’t meant for your customers, it’s for your employees and other key audiences. Showing that you’re conscious of the impact you have on your stakeholders contributes to an overarching message that builds you up in people’s hearts and minds.

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Crisis Communications

If you’re experiencing a crisis, you have plenty of company. But that doesn’t make your situation any easier. Our public relations team specializes in crisis communication. We have decades of experience helping companies with crisis training and preparation, managing crises, protecting reputations—in the media and online. The primary goal is to help you get back to business as quickly as possible.

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Reputation Management

Building a solid reputation includes making sure your online story is constantly renewed with a steady drumbeat of positive news. And that’s our specialty. We work closely with our Public Affairs and digital marketing teams to build your reputation every step of the way, from your corporate social responsibility programs to your organic social media campaigns.

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Media Training

Our sophisticated media training goes beyond preparing for the next interview. We teach you the skills to take control of the process, coaching you on message development and testing your interview skills on camera. By the end of our program you will have more confidence and you’ll be able to deliver your company’s message like a pro.

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Brand and Event Activation

As a fully integrated agency, we work closely with our marketing and events teams to activate support for your brand and build fierce friendships with communities, customers and partners. We think of this as an opportunity to arrange up-close-and-personal encounters with your brand that really resonate, from speaking engagements at key conferences to meetings with media at events, as well as event strategies—digital, hybrid or in-person—to help your brand stand out.

Our Public Relations Work

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