Enhance internal communications with an Employee Engagement Audit.

The job market is tightening. Companies face increasingly competitive and changing environments. Which means that employee engagement is more important than ever for motivating, maximizing and retaining your workforce. However, employee engagement in general is dismally low. Just 33 percent of employees are engaged, according to a 2017 Gallup poll, a figure that has remained constant for nearly 20 years.

Here’s how we get you there.

The first step is to gain insights and perspectives about how well your company is doing with creating a culture of employee engagement by conducting an Employee Engagement Audit. Based on that information, we can develop or enhance an employee engagement program designed to better communicate with your employees.


Our three-step approach assesses how a company is doing and where there are opportunities for improvement. The employee engagement audit will:

  • Take a comprehensive view of all employee engagement activities and data from employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Create a final report on the review and research findings with corresponding recommendations.
  • Conduct research with representatives from leadership and employee groups to understand their perspectives and opinions about current employee engagement activities.


The primary deliverable is a detailed Employee Engagement Audit Report. This includes:

  • Situation overview
  • Findings, observations and recommendations for each section
  • Strategic conclusions and recommendations
  • Executive summary
  • Consolidated feedback from in-person interviews
  • Next steps

Ultimately, this is an objective view of your company’s employee engagement efforts and provides the framework for implementing a new or enhancing your current engagement program.



Our strategic approach to employee engagement programs, beginning with an Employee Engagement Audit, is grounded in the principles of research and public relations. Specifically, we use employee input and feedback to develop messages for employees that are clear, concise and compelling, and customized tactics that meet the unique expectations and requirements of a company’s employees


What you can expect from Mower’s Employee Engagement Audit

Based on findings from components of the Employee Engagement Audit process, we collaborate with your company in a variety of ways. To do this we:

  • Develop a strategic employee engagement plan and messages.
  • Emphasize the importance of messaging and a plan for creating engagement with employees, including presentation skills training for executives who speak at employee town halls and meetings.
  • Create and implement an integrated internal communications campaign.
Let's Talk! Employee Communications Audits Expert, Brad Rye

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