Position customer service as a strategic business initiative.

People are more likely to share their bad experiences with a company with family, friends and colleagues; therefore eliminating poor customer service should always be a priority.

Mower’s Customer Service Training is designed for organizations to provoke a thoughtful interaction among your staff about what your customer service function looks like to your customers and, at the same time, develop consistent practices to ensure all your customers’ experiences are positive.


Here’s how you get there.

Did you know that it is seven times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer?

Trusted and respected brands are created from the inside out. Good customer service begins with instilling the company mission and values within each employee, to provide a foundation for daily interactions with customers.



Mower offers a full-day coaching session with employees and key stakeholders in your company to explore every aspect of customer service. Our team will focus on teaching best practices for multiple scenarios and challenges that could potentially occur. Creating memorable, positive customer experiences requires a full understanding of the company’s vision and goals from all staff.



Our full-day session includes:

  • Dealing with angry customers. On average, 89% of customers stop doing business with a company after experiencing bad customer service. Our public relations team can coach your employees to handle intense situations gracefully and work with confidence under pressure.
  • The 10 steps to great customer services.U.S. companies lose an average of $41 billion each year from bad customer service experiences. Our 10 simple steps to outstanding customer service can help you avoid losing once-loyal customers to competitors.
  • Measuring customer service. At Mower, we say if you can’t measure it, it didn’t happen. This step explores options for gaining insight into customer perception of your brand, and what emotions the average encounter with employees evokes.
  • Role-playing scenarios. An eye-opening workshop that allows staff to play both roles when learning proper customer service etiquette.
  • Keeping customers from becoming angry. According to Salesforce research, it will take 12 positive customer service experiences to make up for one bad experience. Motivating employees to give exceptional customer service can increase company value by 30%.
  • How to handle mistakes. The problem isn’t that we make mistakes, it’s how we handle them. Learn how to problem solve with a customer-first approach.
  • Taking the customer journey. It’s important to put yourself in the customers’ shoes to discover any weaknesses in processes and practices, but also any unique strengths you possess internally.

Strategic output

By positioning exceptional customer service as a strategic growth opportunity and business-development tool, you’ll begin to motivate employees in new ways that bring positive change throughout your organization. After completing Mower’s customized training and successful implementation, here’s what you can expect:

  • Retaining loyal customers
  • Attracting new customers through word of mouth
  • Highly motivated and effective employees
  • Increased revenues
  • Becoming a trusted resource and industry leader
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