Data-driven marketing that drives results.

At Mower, our analytics process is closed-loop because we believe measurement should be a part of and inform all parts of planning and execution and roll into informing whatever comes next. This constant reassessment of performance doesn’t just drive benchmark reporting — it’s the basis for developing true insights into where we take a campaign next. Beyond the campaign itself, true analytics also provide us with a look into new audiences, marketplace shifts and competitive intelligence.


A Success Plan that builds C-suite friendly KPIs and breaks down barriers.

Our fluid process begins with the establishment of a Success Plan — a proprietary, one-sheet measurement framework used to align your marketing efforts to your desired business outcomes, while identifying and removing barriers to marketing success. All marketing campaigns considered by our team are not only vetted against the Success Plan, but are vetted against your marketing budget to ensure that they are compatible with all timelines and objectives.


Data analytics create the ideal reporting format and cadence for the KPIs.

With the Success Plan in hand, our marketing technologists and programmers implement deep metadata tagging, dashboard reporting and hierarchical campaign management. Then, based on objectives defined in the Success Plan, our analysts slice the data in meaningful ways to understand how to best optimize your campaigns.


Measure. Optimize. Repeat.

The result is a soundly orchestrated, closed-loop plan of action that not only manages our strategies to your marketing budget, but also continuously optimizes the marketing process to ensure that your business goals are met and exceeded.

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