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Freightliner: Integrated Marketing Communication Program

Real Value For Your Business

More and more fleet owners and truck owner / operators are looking to lower their cost of ownership when making the decision to purchase new vehicles. And Freightliner Trucks is leading the way.

In the trucking industry, all the buzz is about fuel efficiency and “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO). But in the real world, we know truck ownership is so much more than fuel efficiency alone. That’s why we developed “Real Cost of Ownership” (RCO). Evaluating both the hard and soft costs over the lifetime of a truck, we determined the real-world factors impacting Real Cost of Ownership are Fuel Efficiency, Safety, Connectivity, Quality and Uptime. RCO reveals a truck’s real value to customers. This Integrated Marketing Communications Program differentiates Freightliner Trucks in the industry by demonstrating a deeper understanding of customers’ businesses.

Real Exposure

The Mid America Truck Show is one of the largest and most important trucking shows in North America. What better place to deliver the Real Cost of Ownership message to fleet managers and owner / operators? With real customer testimonials, we highlighted the impact Freightliner has on real bottom lines. The experiential design of the Freightliner booth helped attendees get a clearer picture of their own RCO and how Freightliner Trucks can help lower it.

Real Cost of Ownership AdThe Real Room PosterReal Cost of Ownership AdFreightliner Real Smart Event

Real Customers

Freightliner customers like Don Streuber, President & CEO, Bison Transport Inc. were excited to share their personal experience to help other business owners understand how Freightliner can impact their bottom line. These real stories add credibility and authenticity to Freightliner’s Real Cost of Ownership platform. And their business experiences provide real-world proof that Freightliner trucks really can lower RCO.

Brison Transport Ad

Naturally, fuel efficiency and uptime lower Bison Transport’s Real Cost of Ownership, but the most important part of their business is getting their drivers home safely.

Real Value

Mower developed tools to help bring RCO to life to both customers and to the Freightliner dealer sales force. Tools included the RCO.FreightlinerTrucks.com microsite site, a responsive mobile site, a consultation guide called the "Real World Resource Tool" to help facilitate RCO conversations between dealer and customers and RCO marketing assets made available on the DASH, Freightliner's repository for all dealer materials.

Freightliner truck front view Brison Transport Ad Freightliner website displayed on a smartphone



Key brand as friend driver: advising

In considering pillars that make up RCO it differentiates the FTL brand by helping buyers understand both the hard and soft costs of buying, owing and operating a truck....not just fuel and maintenance costs.

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