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Ford: Launch Promotion

It’s not a Fiesta without Ford

Ford Fiesta is fun, sporty, and loaded with personality. So we tried to capture all of those traits in this series of billboards promoting the launch of the 2013 model. Clearly, we had a lot of fun doing it. And we may have even invented a few new words along the way.

Ford Fiesta Billboard 1Ford Fiesta Billboard 2Ford Fiesta Billboard 3Ford Fiesta Billboard 4
Ford Fiesta painted multiple colors

Focus forward

Western New Yorkers love their Fords. And we love bringing the brand to life in our community—through advertising, special events, even the occasional arts festival.

Ford Fiesta Print Ad 1Ford Fiesta Print Ad 2 Ford Edge being lowered from building 1 Ford Fiesta Print Ad 3Ford Edge being lowered from building 2



Key brand as friend driver: style

With its bright colors and sporty flair, the Ford Fiesta stands out. Our billboard campaign captured that personality without taking itself too seriously — just like the car it celebrates.

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Launch Promotion


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