Focus on customer research and drive results.

When you work at the intersection of consumer insight, design, technology and strategy, you create product, service and brand experiences that people want and need.


Here’s how you build brand loyalty.

Using deep-targeted customer understanding generates innovative product, service and experience concepts that address unmet needs and drive marketplace growth for you.


Research Discovery

Conducting competitive market research can identify needs your brand can address. Our full-service advertising agency frequently uses behavioral-based ethnographic research to observe how products and services are used in context throughout the cadence of daily life.


Conceptual Output

We work with brand stakeholders to stage concepts across short-, mid- and long-term product development horizons. We also consult with R&D stakeholders to forecast timing and with marketing to help determine the optimal channel strategy.


Innovation Workshop

Mower’s strategic moderators facilitate a workshop with cross-functional client and agency thinkers to develop and refine concepts that fuel a brand’s product pipeline. Workshop participants can include Strategy, Marketing, R&D, Operations, Account Management, PR, Content, Digital and Design. Subject-Matter Experts with tangential expertise are also frequently integrated into the innovation process.


What you can expect

  • 2D renderings, including detailed visual depictions with accompanying copy that expresses the unique product and/or service attributes.
  • Messaging that activates affection, relevance and trust and that drives marketplace trial and adoption.
  • Conceptual testing with consumer and retail stakeholders for optimization prior to prototyping and commercialization.



Mower has deep experience in shaping product and service experiences with established and emerging brands in B2B and B2C categories, including Energy & Sustainability, Healthcare, Financial Management, Travel & Tourism, and Buildings & Construction.

Our researchers and strategists frequently conduct in-context primary research with targets where they work, live and shop, including Grocery, Optical, Automotive, Big Box and Retail Apparel.

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