Strategic Planning

A better way to make cash registers ring? A robust marketing strategy.

As any top digital advertising agency should, EMA believes the best ideas start with a well-informed strategy. That’s where EMA Insight, our research, strategy and planning department, comes in. Our savvy researchers and planners will immerse themselves in the mindset of your target audience and see what truly motivates them. And with focused specialties in energy + sustainability, healthcare, buildings + construction and more, chances are we might already have a leg up on some relevant customer research.

We uncover nuggets of knowledge.

We’ll conduct interviews, surveys, focus groups, brand audits — whatever it takes to uncover information that will yield actionable insight. Because we know that finding that “a-ha” moment is the key to generating smarter, more creative digital and traditional work that really resonates with the people you want to reach. Once we’ve found it, our planners will set to work transforming that information and insight into personas and customer journeys — tools that help both you and our creative teams get to know your consumers on a whole new level.

It’s this process that brings the most creative briefs to life. And most importantly, it’s the reason why we are able to deliver effective campaigns, content strategies and marketing communications that inspire people to take action.

Strategic Messaging Workshop

Our Strategic Messaging Workshop helps your company or organization drill down to the core messages that will engage your audiences, strengthen your organization and grow your business.

Download to learn how strategic messaging can help you take on any marketing challenge.

Product Innovation Consulting

We use deep target customer understanding to create innovative products, services and experiences that address unmet needs and drive marketplace growth for you.

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