Corporate Social Responsibility is doing well by others. It’s also great for business.

Having a defined commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer window dressing or a “nice thing to have.” In today’s business environment, it’s table stakes. Consumers expect a brand’s values to align with their values.

At the core of this belief is responsibility; it requires that successful companies weigh their actions against economic, social and environmentally responsible behaviors.

Here’s how you craft a CSR strategy.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategic planning module was developed to assist companies and organizations in creating a clear, concise vision and message for their commitment to corporate citizenship.

Approach to corporate governance

Working with you and your team, our full-service agency will create an actionable plan to turn corporate social responsibility into a key strategic business asset for your company. This initiative will focus on four key areas:

  • Review existing activities and identify new opportunities by examining your current corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship practices and activities.
  • Conduct a competitive audit of peer responsibility programs to provide benchmarking criteria for you within the competitive landscape.
  • Create an overarching strategy that leverages these assets as key proof points of your responsibility message.
  • Elicit stakeholder input to ensure that the resulting strategy is aligned with the expectations of your key constituents and reflects your company’s business goals.

CSR strategy deliverables

At the end of this planning process we will present to you:

  • A strategy and vision that are aligned with your constituents, reflective of your brand and competitive in the marketplace.
  • An actionable plan that includes new ideas to further strengthen your program and innovative strategies to promote your corporate social responsibility commitment.
  • What you can expect from Mower’s strategic approach to CSR

    Among the key outcomes of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategic planning module:

  • Aligned company vision will give current and prospective employees a better understanding of how you are helping them make a difference, and your business partners will know you support their values.
  • Consistency and uniformity in delivery strengthens the effectiveness of your message. Program concepts are clear and on-strategy, easy to understand and relevant to your audiences.
  • Defining your brand in a relevant and new context gives you an opportunity to further solidify your brand promise to your constituents, or perhaps present your brand in a totally new context. This process brings fresh thinking to the table, creating programs that facilitate new, authentic connections with your audiences.
  • Experience

    Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility planning is deeply rooted in our belief that every company or brand inherently wants to be a good corporate citizen. What distinguishes a truly great program, however, is the ability to identify the intersection where responsible behavior embraces the brand promise, aligns with business strategy and satisfies constituent expectations.

    At Mower, we have a great deal of experience helping companies in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments identify the unique attributes of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.


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