The Doctor Dodger Dilemma


Katie Bender

Vice President, Research

Only 67% of American adults have a current primary care provider. That leaves many adults without a dedicated healthcare professional to turn to. So who do they call when they’re sick?

The data reveals a concerning trend: Over half of these doctor dodgers resort to urgent care facilities or over-the-counter drugs. Even more alarming, 30% rely solely on the Internet for medical advice—a risky strategy that invites misinformation and complications for patients and providers alike.

But this scenario presents a prime opportunity for forward-thinking healthcare organizations. Adopting proactive strategies and reinforcing your dedication to inclusive and accessible care can position your organization as an ideal solution for even the most office-averse.

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To better understand this demographic’s mindset, Mower’s research team surveyed 1,053 respondents to better understand their thoughts on primary care practices and why they’re reluctant to work with a clinician. For a copy of the full report, please email our Vice President of Research Katie Bender at

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