Taking Charge with National Grid


Katie Lisiecki

Account Director

New York state has set an ambitious goal for all new passenger cars and light-duty trucks to be zero emission models by 2035. Of course, new EV drivers will go where they can charge their cars, which represents an enormous opportunity for businesses. The problem is, business owners are either unaware of the opportunity, or they don’t think they have the time or the money to take advantage of it. That’s where we came in.

Our client National Grid is providing up to 100% of the electrical infrastructure costs through its Upstate New York EV Charging Station Program, while also connecting businesses with state incentives to offset the cost of the chargers themselves. Our Take Charge campaign is letting business owners know about it in three phases:

  • Awareness—Making sure business owners know the program exists
  • Education—Teaching decision-makers about the ever-growing number of EV drivers on the road and the benefits of adding EV charging stations
  • Conversion—Turning leads into applications and installations

By targeting workplaces, multiunit dwellings, retailers and municipalities, we helped give a wide variety of business owners another way to attract and retain talent, tenants, customers and residents—and position themselves as environmental leaders along the way. And despite upfront costs and a lengthy four- to six-month construction process, business owners responded in a big way, delivering nearly 5,000 leads as a direct result of the campaign.

Electric vehicles are here for good. We’re helping to pave the road to a carbon-free future by taking EV charging station installations from non-starter to no-brainer.

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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