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While clean power solutions for on-road applications have long been dominated by batteries, there is increasing emphasis on other clean-emission solutions to address needs that batteries cannot. Mower client Nuvera Fuel Cells is commercializing fuel-cell engines for heavy-duty transportation needs. With improved infrastructure, technology and applications—and significant and fast-approaching clean-emission mandates from countries, states and businesses around the globe—hydrogen is moving into mainstream electrification conversations.

Mower works with Nuvera to educate vehicle OEMs and others involved with finding meaningful clean-energy solutions that hydrogen is an effective solution that can be implemented today. By promoting Nuvera’s industry leadership and legacy as a hydrogen innovator and showcasing both its fuel-cell engines and the various applications and industries these engines can power, Nuvera is a prominent voice for clean transportation needs.

Batteries have captured much of the electric vehicle spotlight because they work well for many light-duty passenger uses. But batteries do not work for many commercial operations—mainly due to their size, weight and susceptibility to environmental factors that diminish their performance. Even when batteries can be used for the duty cycles and operating conditions required, the electrical infrastructure needed for charging can be prohibitive for large fleets.

This is where fuel cells that use hydrogen really make sense.

The use of fuel-cell electric vehicles can improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency and reduce ambient noise in the areas through which these vehicles travel. And a fuel-cell electric vehicle can be refueled in about the same amount of time as a diesel vehicle.

The clock is ticking to demonstrate compliance with tightening regulations. The EU has unveiled legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent over the next decade. Similar directives are being adopted in industrialized nations around the world that will affect how vehicles in every sector will be powered. Hydrogen may be the only viable alternative for many industrial applications.

With existing and forthcoming regulations in the EU where new trucks will be required to reduce emissions by 30 percent by 2030, and U.S. mandates such as the California Advanced Clean Truck regulation, the move to emission-free trucks will certainly accelerate. There is unprecedented global public and private investment in hydrogen production and infrastructure to support the fuel-cell vehicle deployments. Investment firms like BlackRock are making it clear that the days when achieving economic growth at the expense of climate security, ecological balance and environmental justice are gone.

Hydrogen power for emissions-free transportation is here. Whether to meet regulatory mandates or to address policy objectives, there is global demand for the use of hydrogen fuel for the most challenging motive power demands. As Nuvera CEO Lucien Robroek put it, “Hydrogen is unstoppable now, and is the best solution to get emission-free vehicles everywhere they are needed.”

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