Success Planning: The Key for Automotive, Trucking and Transportation Brands to Market with Measurable Results


Cray Cyphers

Senior Vice President, Account Director

Ensuring the success of a brand’s initiatives for outreach to its various stakeholders — from vehicle OEMs and powertrain manufacturers to service technicians and drivers of personal and commercial vehicles — means working hard to build a marketing plan that yields measurable results. This means taking an approach that looks at the bigger picture and defines what steps need to be taken to achieve success.

No matter what the brand’s business objectives are, tying marketing metrics to those objectives is an important step toward achieving broader business goals. But, focusing too much on the numbers — and not enough on what defines a successful business outcome — can mean more pain and less gain.

According to a Forrester study, marketers who link marketing metrics to business results are three times more likely to hit revenue goals than those who don’t. The same premise goes for car, truck and component brands, both big and small. Looking beyond click-throughs and impressions and focusing on connecting the dots between marketing KPIs and desired business outcomes can lead to more impactful growth.

This can be done by creating a Success Plan, a measurement roadmap used to align marketing efforts to desired business outcomes, while identifying and removing barriers to marketing success.

Building a Success Plan means starting with the basics and moving toward big-picture measurements that take into consideration the technical, operational and creative requirements necessary for the success of the campaign.

Specifically, the Success Plan:

  • Defines what to measure and who is responsible for it,
  • Establishes C-suite-focused marketing KPIs upfront,
  • Incentivizes the C-suite to remove barriers to marketing success,
  • Fosters buy-in and collaboration across teams and departments,
  • Controls the challenge of diminishing marketing budgets, and
  • Exposes areas of risk before any money is spent.

Mower has the expertise to help you build a unique Success Plan that drives positive outcomes and business impact, and that all lives on one easy-to-digest and executive-friendly sheet of paper. We’ve worked with clients to create tailor-made plans that take the unique nuances of their business into consideration and help them cross the finish line first.

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