Maximizing Visibility of Your New Product


John Leibrick

Vice President, Insight Director

In the transportation sector, we regularly see amazing new products—advances in commercial and personal vehicles, the tools that keep them up and running, powertrain components, connective technologies, safety systems, axles, alternative fuels, lubricants and fluids, emissions systems, entertainment and comfort systems, tires, batteries and storage, trailers and… the list goes on and on.

But whether you’re selling to other businesses or directly to consumers, you need a strong communications strategy to increase awareness, add customers, engage your channel, boost revenue and build brand value.

Here are six questions to consider:

1. Have the target audiences/segments been identified and prioritized, and have you developed key messages that are tailored for each of them?

2. Have you identified the key analytics you’ll track to measure success? Mower uses a “success plan”—a one-sheet planning document that roadmaps exactly how every marketing project can be meaningfully measured against business objectives. It’s a model for structured dialogue among stakeholders and cross-functional teams, not a fill-in-the-blank document to be completed in isolation.

3. When should marketing, sales and communications start? What’s the sequencing? Should reporters and influencers get a preview of the product before it is ready for the market?

When Freightliner introduced a new electric fleet of trucks, for example, we helped arrange a demonstration for the media at Portland International Raceway. That sparked a series of stories about the innovative trucks and how two customers would soon do validation testing, which, in turn, sparked another round of news coverage when the results came back. Essentially, there was a sneak peek of a sneak peek. By that time, there was plenty of customer demand.

4. Can we align the communications plan with important dates, events and cycles? As Ford relaunches its Ranger, for instance, Mower helped plan a strategy at one of the biggest shows in New York, designing ads and lining up interviews for one of the brand’s top managers.

5. Can we jumpstart sales with demos and sampling? To help Ford dealers launch the new Ford Edge, for instance, we developed an “edgy” idea. We suggested hoisting the 4,000-pound SUV more than 140 feet in the air and slowly lowering it on New Year’s Eve in tandem with the annual ball drop in Buffalo (which, outside of Times Square, is considered America’s largest New Year’s gathering). Reporters were invited to witness every step—from a press conference 10 days before the event to a test lowering—building buzz that lasted.

6. Can a promotion be used to spur engagement, adoption and trial? With Freightliner, for example, we helped showcase the first, fully licensed, autonomous vehicle—a display that occurred as the truck drove across the Hoover Dam. The next day, we capitalized on the publicity with an event tailored for the media and large customers.

Mower has helped launch over 1,000 products. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we have an approach designed to maximize visibility of your new product in the marketplace no matter the size of your budget. Learn more about our approach to product launch planning and let Mower help make your next product become one of the few that succeeds.

Hey! Our name is pronounced Mōw-rrr, like this thing I’m pushing.

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