New Product Launches that create competitive advantage and marketplace impact.

Your new product or service launch is a big opportunity for you to add customers, engage your channel, boost revenue and build brand value. But, empowered buyers and nimble adversaries can challenge success. There’s no cookie-cutter checklist, but we do have a formula that’s born of real intimacy with your target audiences, their interests, behaviors and preferences, and proven by over 1,000 launches.


Here’s how we get you there.

Our Affinity™ planning framework and four-step approach quickly align objectives, strategy and risk, then map a launch and success plan that puts you in market and out front.


Market Diagnostics

Through Affinity’s Present stage, we examine all the current factors that will affect the success of your launch, from audience definition to differentiation. Client Discovery and Brand Workshops help define the current situation, mindset and trends surrounding your targets, category, brand and stakeholders. Primary Research, such as customer interviews, surveys and ethnographies, challenges conventional wisdom and uncovers new insights. A Brand/Competitive Audit helps determine your launch environment and informs how to shape the key opportunities for your product or service.


Competitive Advantage

Affinity’s Opportunity stage pinpoints how your product/service sets up competitively and the best ways to achieve an advantageous market position. The Marketplace Opportunity establishes how to go head-to-head against the competition, carve out new whitespace, or leverage a previously unrecognized user insight. The Positioning Strategy Statement defines your target audience, the role you play in their lives, and what you deliver, setting the stage for all-important value pillars and propositions. The Value Proposition is a set of proof points and reasons to believe that drive the overall strategic platform, creative and your go-to-market plan.


Strategic Platform

Affinity’s Creative phase unites competitive strategy with creative development to construct a platform that supports all tactical elements. Messaging Strategy stacks the most relevant and persuasive messages by target audience to ensure your offering is engaging, credible and motivating.

Communications Strategy balances channel choice and the mix of tactics with launch objectives and available budget. Creative Strategy drives high interest among target audiences and demand for your new product or service.


Go-to-Market and Success Plan

Affinity’s Plan phase details the most appropriate tactics and integrates them into an action plan. Outbound Marketing reaches your audiences with your messaging through the most effective and efficient balance of outbound tactics such as advertising, email and events. Inbound Marketing empowers the audience to reach you via such tools as search, social, content and blogging. Sales Enablement and Channel Programming energizes the sales force and excites the channel with materials, promotions and experiences. The Success Plan details the key factors that map accountability, responsible parties and KPIs, then ladders them up to a win-win for you and us.

If time and budgets aren’t on your side and you need a fast and highly efficient — but effective — launch, Mower’s FastTrack is the perfect option. No stage is eliminated, rather we focus on your own and secondary research, collaborative workshops and scaled strategic and creative executions to move the process through quickly. Like our in-depth approach, costs and timeframes for FastTrack are fixed.

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