Key Takeaways from the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit


Erinn Steffen

Executive Vice President, Operations

In mid-April, my colleague Kevin Tripodi and I got the chance to attend the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit in Las Vegas, a three-day conference to discuss anything—and everything—in the rapidly changing healthcare marketing space.  

AI took center stage, with mentions in nearly every session (including two keynotes). Discussions explored its transformative potential in healthcare, from predictive analytics and process optimization to providing more consistent care and generating content efficiently. It was a holistic look into harnessing AI’s power while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations and, maybe most importantly, maintaining those crucial human connections.

Additional sessions focused on the careful balance between brand and service line marketing, with discussions around the split between brand identity and targeted marketing campaigns. Through case studies and experiences, attendees shared practical strategies for striking that balance effectively, still keeping in mind the need to defend ROI to your CFO and satisfy physician demands.

Attendees explored strategies for fostering meaningful connections between healthcare providers, enhancing referral networks and ultimately improving patient care coordination. We found an interesting offshoot here—helping patients (and potential patients) get to know physicians as more than just their expertise. This included ways to humanize physicians through telling stories, sharing experiences and becoming more engaged on social media platforms.

With more than 130 speakers in its three days, the HPMS summit bolstered its pragmatic insights with strategic views. To stay tuned for how we put our learnings into play, keep in touch with our healthcare specialty’s monthly newsletter.

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